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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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To have a good maintenance for your computer is important because it will refrain you from getting unwanted and sudden computer troubles which might cause a very big alarm and danger to your computer system. In order to give you assistance, you can try using SmartSys Monitor.

With the name itself, SmartSys Monitor is for monitoring your computer system which includes the hard drives, Network adapters, CPU and memory. Through its monitoring, you will know whether you have enough memory space to utilize for saving your files and data; you’ll get to diagnose whether you need to troubleshoot your PC and cure some errors and it will also let you know whether you already need to update or upgrade your CPU, RAM, hard disks etc.

SmartSys Monitor provides a very simple interface that is easily understandable even by non-technical users.

SmartSys Monitor is a freeware utility designed by team to provide you with a bird eye view of the system resources in a visually appealing form with information continuously refreshing to reflect the real time information.

SmartSys Monitor Features:

* Track unlimited hard disk drives.

* Track unlimited Network Adapters.

* Easy to use interface.

SmartSys Monitor Benefits:

* Easy to diagnose and troubleshoot your PC.

* A good friend to non technical users to see at a glance System Information.

* Know when to do what to speed your PC.

* Save money by troubleshooting and fixing the problem yourself, than taking it to the technicians.

* Know when to update drivers and upgrade hardware such as RAM, Had disk, network adapters, CPU and monitor. you can free download SmartSys Monitor 1.0 now.

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